A soft opening - Hugo 0.58.0, Slowstart for Beginners and a cat silently judging you 🐱

Subject: A soft opening - Hugo 0.58.0, Slowstart for Beginners and a cat silently judging you 🐱

Hi there, Guinea Pig!

Disclaimer: The Oxford Dictionary defines a Guinea Pig as “A person or thing used as a subject for experiment.” and I am using this term solely with this definition ;]

Welcome to the October edition of The (unofficial) Hugo Newsletter. I am still changing diapers on all the super cool automatic features and the design (they looked so lovely in my head but putting them into an actually working Hugo layout seems to be peculiar), so this newsletter is more or less short and might look different than future issues. Let’s call this one “A soft opening”.

Also, I was planning on writing an excellent and life-changing Op-Ed about how this newsletter will become a driving force and the most bestest newsletter of the Hugoverse, but first of all, that’s easy if there is only one newsletter and secondly I got no time for that ;)

So let’s dive into this months edition. I will add small-print explainers to all sections for the first few editions that explain what this section is about and how to contribute to each section.

In general, The (unofficial) Hugo Newsletter will give you an overview of what happened in the past month in the Hugoverse. Hugo updates, links to exciting tutorials or stuff that might be of interest.

That’s all for now. Read on, young Padawan.


PS: If you have critique, content, opinions, directions, issues, anguish of any kind, please read until the end. There are ways you can participate and make this newsletter the betterest.

Hugo Releases

A list of recent releases with links to release notes and the github collection of issues/pull requests for this release.

Hugo v0.58.0 introduces image filters that let you play with images by changing brightness, Gaussian blur, grayscale, saturation, sepia, and much more. Enough to play around for a while. It also brings EXIF functionality. In previous versions all EXIF tags got removed, now you can define in the configuration what to keep and work with EXIF tags in your templates

How-Tos and Tipps&Tricks

A link list of articles about Hugo, How to's, guides, and so one.

New Hugo Websites

If you have a new website that is built with Hugo, feel free to submit it for our next issue.

Cat pic

And here is a cat picture. This cat is silently judging you.

And here is a cat picture. This cat is silently judging you.
Photo by Tatyana Eremina on Unsplash

How did I drive?

Feel free to forward, share and link this newsletter. If nobody reads a newsletter, does it exist?

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